Oregon Sierra Club Outings

The various Groups within the Oregon Chapter conduct outings to provide the opportunity for members to be involved in introducing others to the wild places in our own backyard, in hopes that today’s enjoyment may lead to tomorrow’s understanding and the future’s environmentally aware citizens.

These locally-sponsored outings may be dayhikes, peak scrambles, flora and fauna-watching trips, conservation-oriented walks, or forays into the remaining natural areas of a major urban region. Their variety ranges as widely as the interests and creativity of Club members.

Oregon Chapter Map

Group Outings Information

All participants on Sierra Club Outings are required to sign a standard liability waiver.

If you would like to read the liability waiver before you choose to participate on an outing, visit the National Sierra Club's Liability Release and Assumption of Risk page.

About Sierra Club Outings

Sierra Club Outings were started in 1901 by Club Founder John Muir. He was convinced that the best way to persuade people to fight to save valuable wild areas was to take them into the wilderness and let them experience for themselves the beauty that needs defending.