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Report: PacifiCorp Putting Customers, Shareholders at Risk

Fierce Energy, Oregon - October 13, 2014

PacifiCorp’s overreliance on coal could raise the utility’s electricity rates and cost the utility’s investors money... While other utilities are transitioning away from coal, PacifiCorp plans to invest billions to upgrade its aging coal fleet, which is the largest in the West.

Report: PacifiCorp Putting Customers, Shareholders at Risk

Fierce Energy, Oregon - October 13, 2014

PacifiCorp’s overreliance on coal could raise the utility’s electricity rates and cost the utility’s investors money... While other utilities are transitioning away from coal, PacifiCorp plans to invest billions to upgrade its aging coal fleet, which is the largest in the West.

Could Oregon Become a Renewable Energy Gold Mine?

GoLocalPDX - October 09, 2014

Oregon may have enough solar and on-shore wind potential to cover all of the state’s electricity needs, while exporting energy to its neighbors, but the state has had a rocky road to ramping up on renewable energy so far.

Sierra Club Targets PacifiCorp With Report, Says Its Shift From Coal Is Too Slow

SNL - October 09, 2014

The Sierra Club on Oct. 8 issued a report urging PacifiCorp to curtail its investment in coal-fired generators and switch to renewable energy.

The environmental group produced “Risks and Opportunities for PacifiCorp in a Carbon Constrained Economy,” with figures purporting to show the Berkshire Hathaway Energy company is on a dangerous course in continuing to own and operate coal-fired generators.

PacifiCorp’s Reliance On Coal Called Into Question Again

The Oregonian - October 8,2014

PacifiCorp’s multi-billion dollar plan to upgrade and keep running its aging fleet of coal-fired power plants is a risky strategy for ratepayers and is handcuffing the growth of the renewable energy sector in Oregon, according to a new report paid for by the Sierra Club.

Oregonians’ Reliance On Coal Power Risky, Group Says

Statesman Journal - October 8, 2014

PacifiCorp’s reliance on coal power is financially risky for both its ratepayers and its investors, and impedes clean energy growth, a report released by the Sierra Club Wednesday concludes. According to the report, energy sources once seen as low cost, such as coal, now are understood to carry high long-term costs in damage to human health, the environment and the Earth’s climate.

Coal VS. Renewable Energy At Center FfO Debate

East Oregonian - October 8, 2014

A report commissioned by the environmental organization Sierra Club calls on PacifiCorp, Oregon’s second-largest utility, to invest more heavily in wind and solar resources while weaning off coal plants that make up the majority of its energy fleet.

Not only are renewables better for the environment, but better for ratepayers’ pocketbooks in the long run, said environmental economist Ezra Hausman, who authored the study. Coal is becoming an increasingly risky bet as stricter emissions standards require billions of dollars in new pollution controls, he said.

Environmentalists React to Port of Portland's Propane Export Deal

KBOO Community Radio - September 4, 2014

The Port of Portland has approved a new propane gas export terminal at the port. This project is the largest single private capital investment in the city’s history. The Mayor of Portland, Charlie Hales, applauded the new terminal, which he says will bring jobs to the city. The Pembina propane terminal will bring a total of thirty long-term jobs to the area. But environmental groups are concerned with the impact that this terminal may have.

Keep Elliott Forest in Public Hands

Register Guard.com - August 6, 2014

The old-growth Douglas fir featured on our state’s license plate is a powerful image for Oregonians. During the timber wars of the 1980s and early ’90s, bitter political battles were fought over logging old-growth forests. Today, values have changed and a proposal to clear-cut centuries-old trees would spark outrage among most Oregonians.

Explore Wild Waldo Lake

The Bulletin (Bend, OR) - August 6, 2014

Last month, Sierra Club Director Michael Brune visited Waldo Lake to meet with members of the Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA), the mountain bike advocacy group based in Bend. The two groups discussed a new partnership to protect roadless ancient forest areas while ensuring continued access by nonmotorized recreation groups. According to a news release from the Sierra Club, it is expected that the new collaborative approach will hasten cooperative efforts, and it is hoped that it will reduce lawsuits and conflicts and lead swiftly to protections for remaining roadless areas.

Here’s Waldo

Huffington Post Green The Blog - July 15, 2014

Does doing something two years in a row qualify as a "family tradition"? If so, this is shaping up to be a great one. Once again, my wife Mary and I have packed the tent, the camping gear, the bug spray, and, oh yeah, our ever-intrepid kids into the minivan for a two-week road trip to explore some of the wild and beautiful places that the Sierra Club is working to protect. Last year, we visited the Southwest, so this time around we're taking a northern route through Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

State Land Board should find alternative to selling the Elliott: Guest opinion

The Oregonian - June 3, 2014

When most Oregonians think of our state's heritage of public lands, they think of our parks, forests, mountains and rivers. These are the special places that provide Oregon families with clean water to drink, wild salmon to catch and opportunities to hike, camp and play outside. To most of us, the idea that Oregon's state government would propose privatizing these resources is shocking.

But while Oregonians treasure our parks and public lands, our State Land Board is not acting on those values. The board recently took the first steps towards privatizing the 93,000-acre Elliott State Forest in order to generate funding for state education budgets. Three parcels totaling 1,453 acres were auctioned, and Seneca Jones Timber Company, one of the winning bidders, has already said "...we will be clearcutting."

Third National Climate Assessment Released Today

Pamplin Media Group - May 6, 2014

The third National Climate Assessment was released today by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, comprised of experts in climate science, agriculture, commerce and disaster relief.

Tigard's Stash Tea the latest brand to pull 'ecolabel' off packaging

Portland Business Journal - April 24, 2014

Greenwashing watchdogs have netted a win in Oregon. Tigard's Stash Tea has joined a growing list of companies to abandon the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification program following allegations that the ubiquitous label is governed solely by the logging industry.

Stash Tea leaves SFI in green controversy

Pamplin Media Group - April 4, 2014

Portland-based Stash Tea is the most recent company to reject the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit, from its label, joining 25 brands including AT&T and Allstate.

What Does The Plymouth Explosion Mean for LNG Proposals?

Northwest Public Radio - April 1, 2014

People opposed to exporting liquefied natural gas in Oregon say Monday’s explosion along the Columbia River points out safety problems at these types of facilities. But project supporters say the explosion should not affect decisions about their facilities.

PacifiCorp is making Oregonians invest in coal plants: Guest opinion

The Oregonian - March 20, 2014

Most Oregonians have seen their electricity bills increase over the past several years, but those who get their electricity from Pacific Power have seen their bills skyrocket. On Monday, the Oregon Public Utilities Commission (OPUC) took this issue head-on during a final hearing on the long-term energy mix of PacifiCorp, which operates as Pacific Power in Oregon.